Romantic Country Wedding - Aberdeen, South Dakota


Ive known laura since I was about 10 years old. My dad and her mom worked together for many years at Docter Feedlot. Laura and  I used to sent snail mail back and forth to one another. ( I may have just aged myself there) I still belive to this day nothing beats a hand-written note in the mail. 

The wedding started off WARM. Memorial day of 2018 might have been the warmest day to date. Laura, Nick and the entire bridal party did not let them stop them. There were so many smiles and laughs regardless of the temp.The first look always brings a tear to my eye, this time in particular Laura and Nick’s little girl Maddie joined in to make it twice as special. She sure lit up the camera, everyitme i would say “Maddie can you look at the camera? Where’s Tyra at?” She would smile so big and point her little finger right at my camera. SO CUTE. 

After all of the photos were done we headed to the church in Claremont. The ceremony was so sweet. So many people came to join as Nick and Laura vowed their lives to one another. It still amazes me that I get to be apart of this for so many people. Laura and Nick were gathered by their families at the alter to bless their marriage, they kissed, and made their way out of the church. SMILES all smiles. 

The reception took place at the DEC in Aberdeen. Everything from the moment when you walked in to each table were just gorgeous. Stunning green florals and candles filled the tables. The bridal party arrived everyone ate and speeches were told. Let me tell you. Every single speech was Fantastic. I cried over and over. To be honest im not sure there was a dry eye in the room. The room was full, but missing such a large part of the day, Laura’s father Roy. Roy recently passed away after a battle with cancer. He wasnt there physically, but I am 100 percent positvie he saw the entire day.  

Laura did the job of having him in small places. The lantern by the entry of the church was in memory of him. The necklace around her bouquet had his initals RAP engraved on it. He was walking with her every step of the way. Her wedding band was made from his very own wedding ring. These things were all so speical and such wonderful ways to remember him that day. 

After the speeches everyone made there way to the dance floor. Laura and Nick shared their first dance. And Nick also shared a first dance with sweet Maddie. She was shy at first but boy when she got the hang of it the dance floor was hers. 

I am so honored to have been apart of such a special day for Laura, Nick, Maddie and their families. I wish them the best now as they start their lives together and always.