Hello! I’m Tyra, and so glad you'RE here!

Photography makes my heart so happy. It fills my soul. No matter what i am photographing, I know how special it is. I am honored that people choose me and trust me to capture such special moments in their lives. My work focuses on capturing emotion. Freezing that moment in time, making it a memory. With me your not just “getting your pictures taken” you are investing in something you will have forever. Cherished moments and memories, plus an experience that you and your loved ones will never forget. 

I am a small town South Dakota girl who loves, love. I beleive in being kind, saying thank you, giving hugs, loving with all you got, working hard, and not taking this life for granted. I love my family more than anything. My mom is my best friend. I love meeting new people and being around anyone who can make me laugh. Life is too short not to enjoy every single breath you are given. I know loss and how it feels to loose someone who is dearly important. Memories and photographs now fill that empty space. Photography is so special, and I truly believe and know first hand that it is an important investment. If you were to see me without my camera, I’d most likely be spending time with my family and friends, playing with my puppies, running, camping, or eating ice cream on the couch watching a Disney movie. I love building connections and forming relationships. I cannot wait to meet you! If you let me in, I will be your friend for life. I will walk beside you, laugh with you, cry with you, and give you hugs! Lets do this! Do you have questions? Contact me today and we can grab coffee or ice cream on me!




Now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to hear more about you!